01. Why are you [ignoring] me; are you mad at me or what?
02. The other children were trying to tease the little girl, but she just [ignored] them.
03. Just [ignore] Darren; he's in a bad mood, and is disagreeing with everything today.
04. The government will find it hard to [ignore] the strong public opposition to the plan.
05. Didier may be somewhat [ignorant] of the subject you were discussing, but he is certainly not stupid.
06. Natalie Clifford Barney once asked, why grab possessions like thieves, or divide them like socialists, when you can [ignore] them like wise men?
07. Will Rogers once observed that everybody is [ignorant], only on different subjects.
08. I tried [ignoring] the cat's meowing while I was reading my book, but then she started scratching my legs, so I had to feed her.
09. If frightened or threatened, a mother rabbit may abandon, [ignore], or eat her young.
10. Aaron is in love with a girl in his chemistry class, but she just completely [ignores] him every time he tries to talk to her.
11. His [ignorance] of politics is really surprising, given that his parents have been involved in social issues all their lives.
12. Just [ignore] the other children when they are teasing you, and they will soon give up.
13. The government's plan to cut taxes in an effort to stimulate the economy [ignores] the fact that most economists say that there is no proof to show that such a policy is effective in achieving that goal.
14. Without gold, silver or precious stones to attract greedy eyes, Uruguay was largely [ignored] by the early Spanish explorers.
15. A Spanish proverb notes that if you have the moon, [ignore] the stars.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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